Visiting us as part of a large group? We suggest our Chef’s Table (for €29,50). This menu comprises a selection of starters and mains that you can share (antipasti, salad, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes). Or you can always go for a pizza, naturally. Every menu can be completed with the dessert of the day (usually ice cream or cake). Our menu is determined per week and is made up of fresh seasonal products delivered daily by local suppliers.

Of course you can let us know if anyone in your group has allergies the chef should take into account, or doesn’t like certain ingredients. Simply use the form below.

Will one of your party be giving a speech? Let us know beforehand so that we can reserve space for this in the café. This will help us limit the noise for you (and other guests). If your party size changes unexpectedly, let us know via email (info@bird-rotterdam.nl). If you don’t cancel beforehand, your reservation will be void if your party doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes of the reserved time.

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