BIRD on The Block

BIRD on The Block - Courtyard Concerts

BIRD is coming to your block! Meet our Courtyard Concerts: intimate concerts in neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. Together with your neighbours you can request a concert. If it meest our requirements, you can enjoy a private acoustic gig from your kitchen window, balcony or the hammock in your garden.

How do get BIRD to my block?

Neighbourhoods in Rotterdam with a shared courtyard can request a concert by filling in this form. To cover the expenses of the concert, we ask the residents for a contribution. In order for everything to take place safely, the courtyard or garden should meet some requirements. It must allow enough space for three persons (with 1,5 meter distance between them) and the courtyard must be secluded from the street (with a wall). We also expect residents to follow RIVM’s guidelines regarding distance and (not) receiving guest visits.