Friday 22 November 2019


W/ William Djoko



Ticket prices

€11 (early BIRD) / €14 (late BIRD)
(tickets available at the door)


The Groof won’t stop. Our b-day bash is still fresh in our memory, but we’ll continue the party with the next GROOF. We’re hyped to announce one of BIRD’s long-anticipated favorites. Ladies and gentlemen: William Djoko is our special host this very special evening!

Last summer clearly showed William Djoko is catching the wave, with gigs at festivals like Awakenings and DGTL, BMP Festival in Portugal, German festival Kiesgrube, Sonus Festival in Croatia and LOCO DICE on Ibiza. On February 22, he’ll bring that warm wave from Ibiza to Rotterdam.


William Djoko
Peter Groovin

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