Wednesday 16 October 2019

Sold Out

Ezra Collective

at LantarenVenster


20:15 (door: 19:30)

Ticket prices

€18.50 (pre-sale) / €17.- (door)

Sold Out

The hottest of the hottest from the UK jazz scene is coming to Rotterdam! Ezra Collective is part of theUK Jazz Invasion(with artists like Nubya Garcia and Shabaka Hutchings), and they mix jazz, hip hop and Afro-beat with their signature London sound. On their debut album, You Can’t Steal My Joy, they channel their jazzy force to a higher level. So grab those headphones, check those tunes and may the force be with you on Wednesday 16 October in LantarenVenster!


Femi Koleoso: drums
TJ Koleoso: bass
Joe Armon-Jones: keys
Dylan Jones: trumpet
James Mollison: saxophone

Insider tip

Can’t wait for Ezra Collective? Their keyboard player Joe Armon-Jones is coming to BIRD with his own music on Thursday 26 September!


UK-jazz (??) takeover in BIRD

The bustling UK scene is coming to BIRD. Witness the sickness!

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