Thursday 02 July 2020

BRUUT! & Anton Goudsmit



20:30 (door: 20:00)

Ticket prices

€17.50 (pre-sale) / €18 (door)
CJP: €14.50 (pre-sale only)


From Russia to Japan, BRUUT! manages to get people sweating, cheering and dancing. On July 2nd, the four-headed band from Amsterdam will be back in BIRD, with guitarist Anton Goudsmit as the last piece of the surf-rock-jazz puzzle!

BRUUT! does its own thing and doesn’t give a sh*t about rules and etiquette in the world of jazz. They effortlessly mix jazz with 60s surf rock, dirty rhythm & blues and the phat sound of the Hammond organ. This ain’t your grandma’s jazz! The men of BRUUT! agree, and that’s why they call their music super jazz. They are joined by Anton Goudsmit to turn this evening into an ode to the surf guitar.


Maarten Hogenhuis: sax
Folkert Oosterbeek: Hammond
Thomas Rolff: double bass
Felix Schlarmann: drums
Anton Goudsmit: guitar


BRUUT! interviewt Anton interviewt BRUUT!

Wat krijg je als je Nederlands best geklede jazzband en gitaar-gigant Anton Goudsmit samen laat surfen? Juist ja: een sonische […]

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