What’s cooking at BIRD?!

The food!

Those familiar with BIRD probably already know some of these ins and outs. You can see your favorite artist in an intimate setting or party until the wee hours of the night. But BIRD connoisseurs also know the restaurant can be found in the arch on the right. Wondering what can be found there? The three articles we’ll publish for ‘What’s cooking at BIRD?!’ should open BIRD’s big book of secrets to shine a light on the restaurant. First up: the food!

BIRD’s golden combination consists of (surprise!) music and food, and that’s why we always try to make sure these are easy to combine. For example, Garden of BIRD lets you enjoy a BIRD pizza in one of our beach chairs, or you can dine in the restaurant early in the evening to go to a live show or one of the (free) BIRDsessions (on Thursdays) afterwards?

Click here to take a look at the BIRD menu.

Tasting Tuesday: chef Martin Voeten’s surprise menu

With the help of local suppliers we always ensure the best products on your plate: emphasis is on quality and flavor. Our chef Martin Voeten showpiece is the best example of all of this: the Chef’s Table is a selection of various starters and main dishes that can be shared with your friends. On Tuesdays, this surprise menu can be ordered for just €25 (instead of €33.50!), and consists of four dishes and a dessert. Make a reservation for the Tasting Tuesday in advance and let us know you want to make use of this discount in the comment. ?

Authentic Italian ‘gusto’

How do we get that authentic Italian ‘gusto’ in our BIRD pizzas? Have the pizza oven shipped in from Italy, of course! In May 2015 a very large package arrived in the port of Rotterdam, and its final destination was BIRD. Making pizzas in a wood-fired oven is very different from making one in an electric oven. They have to be turned over, and you have to pay close attention to where they’re placed inside the oven; the heat isn’t evenly distributed. Fortunately our pizzaiolos know just how to take care of that. They make sure the wood-stoked fire stays alive to guarantee that real Italian flavor every time: both for the customers dining inside and those who’d rather enjoy a pizza at home on their couch (because the pizzas can be ordered via Deliveroo)!

Always wanted to learn how to make a pizza? Book a pizza workshop with your family, company or group of friends.

Our planet 

Whenever possible we try to work as ecologically as possible. That means we don’t use an unnecessary amount of plastic and no gas is used in the kitchen. Our interior was also designed keeping our planet in mind: some of the furniture and decorations were given a second life in BIRD. Details will follow, in the next article of this series!

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