In The Spotlight: Sophia Schutte

Sophia Schutte represents all things homegrown: three years ago she got her start behind BIRD’s bar, and it wasn’t long before she found her way to our hearts (and ears). The singer-songwriter combines catchy pop with dreamy R & B vibes. After multiple gigs in BIRD, the release of her debut record is planned for this fall. Chances are you went to one of Sophia’s Acoustic Sundays in Garden of BIRD this summer, where she presented live music from her favorite singer-songwriters. Now that summer’s almost over, it’s time to put Sophia in the spotlight. Ladies and gentlemen: Sophia Schutte!

Can you tell us who you are?

My name is Sophia, I’m 21 years old and I’m a singer-songwriter. I just graduated from the conservatory. Besides making music, I also work at BIRD.

How did you end up at BIRD?

I’ve been coming to BIRD since I moved to Rotterdam. I could be found at the jam sessions every week, with a lot of other Codarts students. I was looking for a new catering job, so I applied for a job as a bartender. That was more than three years ago, and I’m now assistent manager.

What do you do besides work at BIRD?

Besides BIRD I’m always working on music. Writing songs and singing, but there’s a less pleasant side to it: administration, planning rehearsals, booking shows…

Can you tell us something about your music?

In the past year I worked on my debut EP, which will be released in the fall. It features five songs I wrote. I also did the coproduction. I learned a lot about myself when I was writing the songs, and I think the songs reflect that. The major theme of this EP is reflection: how I look back on myself and my life and how that shaped me, both positively and negatively.

I get my inspiration from my own life. So much has happened that I still need to process, and I do that by writing. I also get inspired by people who show you can achieve anything, if you just want it badly enough. An example of this is the recent documentary about AOC. She did what no one thought possible, and completely independently. That gives me the hope and drive to do the same.

Who would you most want to invite for a bite to eat in BIRD?

Easy: Queen B. 

What’s your favorite record/track and why?

I don’t have one favorite record, but if I had to choose, I’d choose Overgrown by James Blake. Two of my fav tracks of the album: ‘Retrograde’ and ‘Life Around Here.’ I realised I wanted to write my own music when I heard this record for the first time. It made me feel so emotional and it helped me to understand things, and I thought to myself: I also want to have this effect on others.

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