Joe Armon-Jones

We’re taking a look at the record bag of keyboard player Joe Armon-Jones, so that we know which influences we can expect during his show on 16 February. Spoiler alert: contains jazz, rap and funk grooves!

What song do you wish you had written?

‘Sweet Thang’ from Shuggie Otis!

Is there a record that took you a long time to find?

‘Midnight’ by Willie Lindo is a great record! It wasn’t easy to find a vinyl copy of that one.


What do you listen to during late night car rides?

‘Althis’ by Maxwell Owin & Kiran Kai.

What was the first record you bought?

Some compilation CD from a market somewhere. The only song I still remember is ‘Sound of Da Police’ by KRS One. Banger!

Who is the artist that made you want to be an artist?

Oscar Peterson! And of course: mom and dad…

Last but not least, which song is your current guilty pleasure?

In the past I felt guilty when I listened to anything other than jazz, but I stopped feeling that way a long time ago. Life got much better as a result!

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