5 coole quotes over Chris Dave

“Chris Dave is probably the most dangerous drummer alive. He is totally reinventing just what you can do with drums.”

Deze uitspraak van Questlove over drumgod Chris Dave begint inmiddels legendarische vormen aan te nemen, maar hij is zeker niet de enige die totally in awe is door Dave’s drumkunsten. Wij hebben de beste quotes voor je op een rij gezet.

“Chris Dave has emerged as the most important drummer to impact on jazz since the late Tony Williams.”

John Fordham, The Guardian

“One of the best in the business is drummer Chris Dave who’s played behind just about everybody including Adele, Maxwell, D’Angelo, Robert Glasper, Mint Condition, and Yolanda Adams.”

Quinn Peterson, Life + Times

“Chris is a minimalist or a maximalist or both depending on the situation; he is simultaneously the Macgyver and the Michael Bay of the drums.”

Dan Garman, (IX) Daily

“The drum set Chris Dave plays on could be mistaken for a wizard’s laboratory. Zildjian Spiral Trash cymbals hang down several feet on either side of him, and his clear Plexiglas suspended floor tom and kick drum give the illusion of a half invisible kit.”

Kat Tingum, Audiofemme


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