Saturday 16 November 2019

Sold Out

Celebrate the Culture


w/ Jayda G, Black Pumas, Kojey Radical, Alfa Mist a.o.



Ticket prices

€ 22,50 (full trust early BIRD) (sold out)
€ 30,- (pre-sale)
€ 24,- (CJP, pre-sale only)
€ 15,- (night ticket, after 23:00)

Sold Out

BIRDfest is a total experience that hugs topicality and flirts with tradition. It’s a simple formula: take BIRD’s musical DNA, cook it down and drop the concentrate in downtown Rotterdam. The result: boundaries between live and club fade, genres are shattered and day and night seamlessly melt into each other.


• Jayda G
• Black Pumas
• Kojey Radical
• Alfa Mist
• Oscar Jerome
• Charlotte Adigéry
• Jarreau Vandal

Want to know more? Visit birdfest-rotterdam.nl.


UK-jazz (??) takeover in BIRD

The bustling UK scene is coming to BIRD. Witness the sickness!

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