Nine questions from Kraak & Smaak for DJ Supermarkt

Friday 13 December will DJ Supermarkt play the turntables alongside Kraak & Smaak (DJ). Read everything about him in the interview below!

How did you come up with your artist name?

I used to be part of a DJ Duo called Le Hammond Inferno, and when my partner Holger quite suddenly left to Brazil, I had to come up with a new name in like an hour, because Promoters wanted to know. I had no idea! Just one thing: It had to be a bit stupid, because I am not a fan of all those serious DJs. I looked out of my window, and I can look directly into the windows of an actual supermarket… Bang! Stupid enough?

What was your first record and first musical love?

My first record that I actually chose and told my parents to buy was „Breakfast In America“ by Supertramp. I went straight into Punk and Post-Punk New Wave after, but judging by the Too Slow To Disco compilations it looks like the smooth sound stuck in my soul more then I thought. 

Tell us a bit more about your label. How did you start it?

With my Dj partner Holger I already had a label called Bungalow records from 1995 – 2006. Holger and me were just DJs and had no idea how things worked. So Christof Ellinghaus / Boss of City Slang told us how to do it, and we three formed the label. When I discovered the Smooth sound of the Late 70s Westcoast in 2010, it was just a very private thing for me, especially to listen to after a night out deejaying to get back to earth and reload my soul. But then so many people were interested in that sound, and there were so many things to discover. Took me two years to convince Christof once more to go on an adventure with me, so we started the label How Do You Are? together.  

A couple of months back we played with you in Berlin. We loved the venue (Klunkerkranich) and the vibe was definitely special.

How would you describe living in Berlin and playing there?

I always call it the coziest big capital in the world. You can still live quite cheap here, if you know your way around. I can do what I do, because Berlin is full of people not only interested in the mainstream of music. Clubs like Klunkerkranich or Monarch hardly exist in the whole world. The owners actually really want to do something special, not only get rich and stop caring. I am really happy to be here, have my crowds of dancers, and do not want to live anywhere else AT ALL!

Have you ever been in Rotterdam before? 

I hardly remember (sorry), but in the late 90s we were friends with Arling & Cameron and the Easy Tune crew from Amsterdam and played together a lot. That’s why we were booked together to open for Dimitri From Paris and The Wiseguys (two huge stars at the time) to play at the Amsterdam Dance Event (not sure it was called that way back then…) and in Rotterdam in a huge venue. NOBODY came to the Rotterdam show! And I mean NOBODY…. It was a disaster, and it was also a fun moment too see how the two main acts coped with it (not good….!). When Holger and me walked around we discovered a basement with loud music. It was a small Gabba Techno club and it was PACKED with young people. That’s Life!

What’s your favorite track that never fails you when DJ’ing?

I think Deee Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart is my classic dance tune. Of course it is a bit played to often and obvious, but I am always finding new edits reworks to make me play it again. Like the one by THE REFLEX

What’s the most precious record in your vinyl collection?

I love every record I own (way too many…). Nowadays I am more obsessed with the actual music, not the actual record, rare Lp etc…. MY favorite song for some time now is Ned Doheny’s „Give it up for love“ from Too Slow To Disco Volume 1

Weirdest gig ever?

Well, besides the Rotterdam gig…..so many: I played a huge festival in Benidorm some years ago. In the local football stadium with lots of stupid British tourists, The Cult headlining and James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem, 2 Many Djs deejaying (amongst others). They booked me on a stage at the side that nobody knew. There was no light on the stage, it was wet, i slipped while playing on the stage, fell and lost my headphones. Never found them again. Had to play two hours without phones, which didn’t help (of course, nobody of the festival ever came to look after me…). Fortunately only 10 people were at the stage, so it is a secret… until today!

Any plans for 2020?

We are going to release 2 Too Slow To Disco compilations next year. Cant tell you which… But one of them will involve Kraak & Smaak (they don’t know yet.., till now!)

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