Meet The Black Disco Reboot

After an evening at The Black Disco Reboot you’ll be heading home with disco fever. From Brazilian boogie to nu-disco and from Loft Classics to italo-disco, it’s all there. And on March 2, it’ll be twice as nice at the 10th edition of this feel-good dance party. The perfect time to talk to The Black Disco’s mastermind, Oscar Poiesz, about his club night’s success.

Why did you start The Black Disco Reboot?

I felt disco was the red-headed stepchild in Rotterdam’s nightlife. And I mean black disco from the 70s and early 80s. It’s music that’ll make you dance and cry. Funky, smooth, rhythmic, bombastic, emotional and straight from the heart. We didn’t have a night like that in Rotterdam, so we did something about it.

Is there an edition that stands out for you?

After three or four editions, the nights weren’t as busy as they could be. The atmosphere was great, but we weren’t getting the crowds we were hoping for. We were basically given a last chance to make the night a success. Suddenly, out of the blue, 250 people were getting down at BIRD. That was when we really started to take off. We’ve had lots of great editions since then. Fantastic DJs like Bart Eichholtz and Peter Groovin making people dance till 5 in the morning.

Has anything changed since the first edition?

Yeah, so much! I made enough rookie mistakes during the first editions. We’ve come a long way, both in terms of music and organization. We learned that it’s always hard work to get a packed venue. We’ve got key ambassadors who are essential in making our parties a success, like Ivor Driessens and Maaike Luiten. It’s thanks in part to their hard work that we’ve made it to the 10th edition.

If The Black Disco Reboot was an artist, who would it be?

Tough question! Who’s made Brazilian boogie, high energy bombs, Nigerian afro with disco beats and solid synth funk throughout their career? I’ll go with Leroy Burgess, with the suave Tim Maia, Chaka Khan’s vocal acrobatics mixed with Kiki Gyan’s synth madness.

What can we expect from the next 10 editions?

I hope The Black Disco Reboot will continue to grow, and that we’ll showcase some great music! We want to remain an accessible and fun night for everyone. We’re also looking forward to more collaborations, like with 360 Degrees. And who knows, we might invite an international guest every now and then.

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