Celebrate your birthday, baby shower, wedding party or anniversary in BIRD! Take a look at how we can complete your important day.

All-in arrangement

We’ll take all the work off your hands with our all-in arrangement, and we’ll provide a complete party, from start to finish. Start your evening with a drink and a speech. Enjoy the snacks of the Walking Dinner while catching up with friends and family, while a pianist or a live band plays your favourite songs. Dance a while and have another drink (or two) while the DJ sets up behind the turntables. And don’t forget to record the evening for posterity in the photo booth. Read more about all options in our Entertainment section.


A birthday, wedding or marriage is a special moment in your life that deserves fitting and attractive decor. We could place a balloon arch at the entrance , or a red carpet and velvet ropes. Decorate the halls with (helium) balloons, candles and flowers. You could naturally also take care of the decorating yourself. We’re happy to help with that!

Technical support

BIRD has all of the technology needed to make your party a success: screens for presentations and film screenings, the right atmospheric lighting and, of course, high-quality sound equipment for your musical act. We offer technical support during the entire evening and make sure everything goes perfectly. Take a look at our PDF Technical facilities for a complete overview.

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