BIRD is the perfect place to dine with your colleagues. With chef Martin Voeten, we’ll provide the tastiest dishes from our world kitchen; from simple to luxurious, from pizza to pasta and from an extensive Chef’s Table to a Walking Dinner. Book a table in our restaurant (min. 50 pax), or choose the Third Arch for more privacy. Below you’ll find our various dinner arrangements.

Chef’s Table (shared dining)

Enjoy the best dishes made by our chef! The Chef’s Table consists of a selection of various starters and main dishes that can be shared (antipasto, salad, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, but pizza is one of the options as well). The menu changes every week and consists of seasonal products that are supplied fresh by our local suppliers every day.

Walking Dinner

If you would like to try something other than a formal company dinner, choose a Walking Dinner arrangement. A lively dinner, during which the dishes are served on small plates (and in pleasing portions). It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with your colleagues!

Custom dinner arrangement

Do you want to combine your company dinner with drinks, a DJ or even a complete live band? We are happy to think with you and can put together a completely customized dinner arrangement. More about our entertainment options can be read in our Entertainment section.

Extra facilities

For speeches or presentations during the dinner, you can use our technology and other facilities. We have, for instance, various hardware available, including monitors / screens, (wireless) microphones, mixers and more. For a list of our complete assortment, please check our PDF Technics.

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