Thursday 12 September

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Welcome To London

Autumn Residency curated by Nello Biasini



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Autumn is here, time to turn over a new leaf. A new BIRDsessions residency will help us do just that. Grab your passport, tour guide Nello Biasini takes you on a musical trip of the world. We start in New Orleans, transfer in London, go back to Detroit and finish in our hometown of Rotterdam.


Next stop: London! The list of African and Caribbean artists that crossed the pond to London in the sixties is endless: Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor, Orlando Julius… The mix of cultures was booming! Tonight, the eight-headed DNA will make an appearance for your monthly dose of Afrobeat vibes. It’ll be obvious to experts of the genre: wonderfully long instrumental intros, energetic percussion, mind-blowing horns and unbridled energy. We’re driving on the left tonight!


Teun Creemers: bass
Lauriene Ghils: percussion
TBC: keys
Jahja Telussa: gt
Jesse (???): sax
Mau (???): spoken word
Damaris Vreds: spoken word
Nello Biasini: drums & session leader

Autumn Residency Curated by Nello Biasini

Nello’s project for the Autumn Residency is called ‘Welcome To…’. He gets the inspiration for the sessions from his own status as global citizen.

Do you also love (musical) trips? Good. That means we’ll see you – every – Thursday in BIRD, and don’t forget your instruments! These are next:


Around the world with Nello Biasini

Onze BIRDsessions-programmeur Raluca Baicu sprak Nello alvast over z’n project: een muzikale reis die ons helemaal van New Orleans naar Rotterdam brengt… all aboard!

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