Friday 04 January


Carte Blanche



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Gratis (attending op Facebook, tot 00:30) / € 5,- (na 00:30)



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    2018 was a great year with more than one (international) highlight. This year we’re just going to do it all over again! In the first weekend of 2019, BIRD heralds the new year with an all-star line-up of our resident DJs.

    23:00-00:00 Mundi & Oscar Piesz
    00:00-01:00 Suze Ijó, Mo Jakob
    01:00-02:00 Festa & Peter Groovin
    02:00-03:00 Lenny & Dj SoulRoots
    03:00-04:00 Franky Sticks & Yung Freurich

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