Thursday 14 November

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BIRDsessions & BIRDfest

Building Blocks: A Community Hang

Talk w/ Nello Biasini, Efe Erdem, Lady Shaynah, Abel Marcel, Fanni Zahár, Alessandro Russo


19:00 (doors: 18:30)

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Get ready for a Community Hang: On Thursday, November 14, we’ll give you a preview of BIRDfest. We’ll ‘Celebrate the Culture’ with a special community talk about ‘the hang’ and the importance of a cohesive community. Tonight’s special guests are Lady Shaynah, Efe Erdem, Abel Marcel, Fanni Zahár, Alessandro Russo and Nello Biasini!


Don’t forget to bring your tools, because we’ll put the topics of conversation into practice with an inspired BIRDsessions edition. All of this – as always – is free! And speaking of free: when you order a pizza between the talk and the session, your first drink will be on the house!


Roufaida – moderator
Efe Erdem – trombone
Lady Shaynah – vocals
Abel Marcel – keys
Fanni Zahár – flute
Alessandro Russo – saxophone
Nello Biasini – drums & session leader

STEAM DOWN: Saturday, November 16

The Steam Down collective is a classic example of the ultimate, energetic hang. Their live performances are a constant interaction between musicians and their audience, and nationalities, languages and backgrounds are transcended. And this is exactly what we also do with our BIRDsessions. On Saturday, November 16, Steam Down will come to Rotterdam to jam during BIRDfest with the cream of the crop of Rotterdam, including the artists participating in the talk.


The Buidling Blocks van Building Blocks

Tijdens Building Blocks: A Community Hang (talk) hangen we met Rotterdam’s finest uit de scene. Met zes muzikale alleskunners praten we over de community, het huidige klimaat hier in Rotterdam en future thoughts.

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BIRDfest is a total experience that hugs topicality and flirts with tradition.

Saturday 16 November

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