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Ares is back and sounds calmer and more mature than ever! His third record Alice features more singing and dreamy melodies, but the sharp wordplay we’re used to from the rapper from Oosterhout isn’t missing either. His new sound can be heard live at BIRD on 9 February.

It’s hard to believe Ares is just 22 years old, because he’s been active on the Dutch hip hop scene for years. He signed on to Top Notch when he was 17, and his debut album Road Trip was released a year later. He’s released multiple albums, mixtapes and EPS since then, and he was part of the successful collective New Wave.

Ares has been doing his own thing again since last year; he’s back to being an independent artist. He experimented like crazy with his permanent producer Dennis Westerhout, started his own fashion line 162 and even directed the video for his new single ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon.’ It’s clear the pride of Oosterhout is only at the start of a long career!

Support: S10.

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